“Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition” Arrives on GeForce NOW

Credit: Steam

“Age of Empires IV” was released back in late October 2021 after it was developed by the guys from Relic Entertainment. The strategic war game also has a strong emphasis on the multiplayer mode. Due to the game gathering millions of players around the world, an Anniversary Edition was released, and it’s now available for NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service.

The news of “Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition” arriving for GeForce NOW was confirmed by NVIDIA itself, which means that there’s no use being any skeptical. GeForce NOW is known for offering a generous selection of games for a monthly subscription fee, and the addition of the new Age of Empires game can only be a positive aspect.

NVIDIA brought the news through its official blog, where it wrote:

Xbox Game Pass support is coming to GeForce NOW.

Members will soon be able to play supported PC games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog through NVIDIA’s cloud gaming servers. Learn more about how support for Game Pass and Microsoft Store will roll out in the coming months.

Plus, Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition is the first from the world’s most popular real-time strategy franchise to arrive on GeForce NOW.

GeForce NOW is set to deliver the imposing gaming power of the GeForce RTX 4080 to its Ultimate members as soon as servers are ready. Such members will be given priority access to the next-generation performance that’s equivalent to the GeForce RTX 4080.

You can prepare yourself for smooth frame rates, reaching up to 4K at 120 FPS or an impressive 240 FPS with the new Reflex mode. Furthermore, Ultimate members can enjoy exclusive privileges, such as access to the swiftest gaming servers and extended session lengths.

What’s your opinion about the addition of “Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition” to the GeForce NOW catalog? Feel free to tell us in a comment!


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