6 Resorts in the US Students Should Check Out

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The USA is a huge country full of amazing and breathtaking places. To describe their beauty, you definitely need a great team of journalists and plenty of travel articles. Ice caves and tropical islands, geysers, and canyons – all this surprises both locals and tourists. See these places once, and you will remember them for a lifetime!

Holidays in the USA offer students plenty of opportunities, so choosing where to go can be rather hard. There are two oceans, amazing mountain slopes, and even thermal springs, so everyone will find something for themselves. In this article, we have collected 6 resorts for each taste, so hurry up and book your tickets!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica has always been considered a luxury resort because of clubs located along the entire coast. To become its member it is not enough just to be famous and wealthy. This also requires references. However, you can have a wonderful time in Santa Monica without any memberships. Here, tourists enjoy clean sand, fresh sea breeze, and excellent infrastructure.

Sunbeds for rent, sunshades, showers – all this is available, of course. And to isolate yourself from disturbing thoughts, better take care of your business in advance. Outsource your school tasks to professional essay writers online to forget about deadlines when you are on holiday. After all, nothing will keep you distracted if you are constantly worried about low grades.

Once your assignments are under control, let’s get back to exploring the resort. In Santa Monica, you can try excellent seafood in cafes and restaurants along the local boulevards. By the way, some of them offer brunches with unlimited seafood sets during the weekends. Isn’t it an amazing benefit if you are traveling on a budget?

Keep in mind that the waters of Santa Monica aren’t perfect for swimming as the ocean is cooled by the north current. But if you want to freshen up, then why not? Another plus is that Santa Monica is popular among surfers and lovers of roller skates and bicycles. And last but not least, night bars and discos work on the coast until morning, so students who adore parties should definitely come.


This part of Hawaii is especially well-known, and for a good reason. The capital of the state is located here, and local resorts are the most crowded.

Central Beach, Waikiki, is situated in Honolulu. The ocean here is warm throughout the year, unlike the cool waters of Santa Monica. There are no problems with the infrastructure since you are offered sunbeds, umbrellas and everything you need for a beach holiday. In addition, on the coast, you can try the national Hawaiian cuisine.

Well, let’s study other beaches now. Kuhio Bay is not full of people. It is not far from Waikiki, but the difference is that guests come here to look for peace and solitude. And finally, the third beach, Lanikai Bay, attracts tourists with fine white sand and a smooth ocean floor. It is great to watch the sunrise here. However, the infrastructure is worse, besides, you will have to rent housing on the spot as many landlords don’t use Internet platforms.

The holiday season on Oahu lasts from early May to late October. The ocean warms up to +28-29 degrees Celsius. And if you are tired of the monotonous beach holiday, climb the crater of the Diamond Head volcano or stroll in the park of the royal Iolani dynasty. Lovers of exotic holidays (it’s likely South America will win over you as well) will surely fit in here.

Key West

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Key West is the southernmost point in the United States. In the 19th century, it was the wealthiest city in the country. Why? Waves washed the remains of the cargo of many ships ashore. Sadly, during the Great Depression, Key West went bankrupt, but today this piece of paradise is thriving thanks to the well-established tourist industry.

The best beach in Key West is called Taylor. There is fine sand, a gentle entry into the water, and a clean sandy bottom. Higgs Beach is full of algae and therefore less popular, but if you are looking for some solitude, come here then.

The evening farewell to the sun is a must for all tourists. Guests gather in Mallory Square to appreciate the performance of street musicians and artists. If you’re tired of a beach holiday, visit the Hemingway house. Once the writer came to the island, he was fascinated by this place and stayed here forever. Who knows, what if you love Key West so much that you won’t want to leave it either?

So, we’ve studied beach resorts, and now let’s talk about places with mineral springs. After all, don’t you want to get rid of tension, heal the nervous system, and be inspired by the local landscapes? Students often suffer from burnout and anxiety, so deep relaxation will surely not hurt. Moreover, such destinations are perfect for students traveling alone.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Hot Springs is home to America’s oldest mineral springs. Even more, this place is the very first natural reserve in the US. Here, you will find rehabilitation centers for those who experience back pain, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and sleep disorders. Hot Springs gives you a wonderful opportunity not only to reboot but also to improve your health.

Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Springs has it all: mineral waters, thermal springs, modern spas, baths, and various types of entertainment. One of the largest balneological resorts here is Spa State Park, with 20 hot mineral springs. Spa centers welcome those who have a high level of stress and sleep problems.

And the last part of our list is a ski resort that will appeal to winter sports lovers.

Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen is one of the top ski resorts in America. After a day full of adventurous skiing, you will find plenty of bars and restaurants, so you won’t get bored. The most famous ski resort consists of four isolated areas: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. 200 slopes of various difficulty levels are connected by lifts and a free bus.

  • Aspen Mountain, with its Mount Ajax and the town of Aspen itself, is the only area without ‘green’ trails;
  • Go to Aspen Highlands in case you adore steep slopes. To tickle your nerves, climb the peak of the Highland Bowl and go down from there;
  • Buttermilk has wide slopes that are perfect for beginner skiers. It is also home to the Winter X Games;
  • Choose Snowmass if you like to discover new trails.

When selecting a zone, analyze your skills, of course. You certainly don’t want to complicate your vacation with too difficult climbs.

To Wrap It Up

Are you in love with the sound of waves and the soft sand under your feet? Do you miss the warm evenings spent with friends on the coast? Or you can’t imagine your life without skis, mountain peaks, and extreme sports?

Well, we hope that our article addresses all your questions. We wish you to spend an unforgettable time at one of the resorts listed above and return to being full of energy and happiness.

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