15 People Injured by a Tram Crash at Universal Studios Hollywood

Photo by Emanuel Ekström on Unsplash

Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park and a film studio in Los Angeles, California. The trams at Universal Studios are used to transport park visitors on behind-the-scenes tours of the sets where movies and TV shows were filmed.

The crash happened when the last car of one of the trams hit a metal guardrail and it made the passengers tilt and ejected them.

15 People were taken to hospitals

15 People were taken to hospitals because they had minor injuries.

Shortly after 9pm local time, on Saturday, the Los Angeles County Fire Department was called to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Maria Abal, the Sheriff’s Lieutenant, said that the four-car tram had some problems with the brakes. High Patrol, who is leading the investigation said that drugs and alcohol were not part of the issue. The only details about the injuries of the park visitors are told from a spokesperson from Universal Studios; they suffered “multiple minor injuries”.

Universal Studios Hollywood 60th anniversary

The World-Famous Studio Tour, the tram route, features sets from films as movie “Nope”.

Universal Studios Hollywood was preparing to mark the 60th anniversary of the tour. The celebrations were set to begin on Friday.

A fact about the original Studio Tour is that it was just a small tram ride around the studio lot. It has grown into one of the park’s main attractions, offering an amazing experience into the world of filmmaking. People worldwide are willing to pay good money to see lots of intriguing attractions, including their favorite celebrities, never-seen before stuff from old Hollywood movies, and, of course, the most incredible props and pictures!

Unfortunately, tragic events do happen and they could turn a normal day at the office into something negative. All the support should be shared to those in need, and we should also remember that being extra careful while working with people in general is mandatory.