YouTube Music Is Offering Selected Users Early Access To New Features And A Feedback Forum

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

The YouTube Music team is starting a new initiative to solicit user input on upcoming additions by providing early access to those features to a small group of users and a forum for them to voice their opinions. The initiative includes setting up a Discord “Listening Room” in order to put a “exclusive group of users” in touch with the YouTube Music product team, as well as providing those users with a free year of YouTube Music Premium.

Do you love music? Do you want a premium YouTube Music account + early access to new features? YouTube Music’s product team will be collaborating with an exclusive group of users in our “Listening Room” on Discord to get regular feedback on specific features.

The following are the qualifications to join the Listening Room program as a YouTube Music user:

  • Confirm that you will not disclose any information gained from the Discord group to anybody outside of the group, including photos, images, or recordings of talks or early features.
  • Appreciate music for what it is.
  • For one whole year, YouTube Music should be your go-to music streaming service, even if you also use others.
  • Share your thoughts often via Discover discussions and polls.

Accepting participants will be asked to complete out a form detailing their streaming habits, including how frequently they use various services, which ones they like, and which ones they really pay for. In addition to choosing their favorite artists and genres, users will also be asked to select the devices they use to listen to music on YouTube Music.

In addition to answering questions on their short-form video consumption and their frequency of listening to audio-first material like podcasts, interviews, audiobooks, etc., users are asked to pick one of seven user categories that best describes them. Finally, the form inquires as to the user’s current Discord use, since here is where the Listening Room will be hosted. Check out the YouTube Music Listening Room application for more information.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.