YouTube Music 5.23.51 APK Becomes Available

Source: YouTube

YouTube Music, the service that you can use for listening to more than 70 million tracks, has now been updated. The new 5.23.51 version is already up for grabs, and you can get it in the form of an APK.

The system demands only represent a formality, as anybody should have a phone that’s compatible. Your device needs to run on at least Android 5, meaning a version of Google’s operating system that’s 8 years old.

There’s no change log available to tell us what the new update brings for YouTube Music, which means that it’s safe to assume that we can’t expect anything fancy. The update should only bring some minor improvements and fixes, but it’s up to the YouTube Music users to find out for sure.

YouTube Music brings personalized music

Perhaps we all know that awkward feeling when we just don’t know what to listen to next, and everything that already exists in our playlist doesn’t satisfy us anymore. That’s where YouTube Music can help a lot, as it can assure us a lot of personalized music!

Depending on what kind of music you like, the app will provide you with personalized playlists and Mixes. Therefore, you can get the right music for your Relax, Workout, and Focus sessions.

With YouTube Music, you can also benefit from a Personalized Library. This works by getting access to all the songs, artists, playlists, and albums you’ve liked or added.

As you’ve already guessed, you can also use the YouTube Music service to discover new music from the genres that you like, whether it’s Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Jazz, Kpop, Latin, Rock, Dance & Electronic, Blues, Indie & Alternative, and so on.

If you choose a Premium subscription, there are some important benefits: no more ads, the music playing in the background, smart downloads, and more.

Cristian Antonescu
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