Young K Got Accepted in the KATUSA For His Military Service

Credit: Twitter

DAY6’s Young K is the first Kpop idol to be accepted in the KATUSA branch for his mandatory military service. The idol announced he will begin his military service on 12 October, and his acceptance is quite an accomplishment.

KATUSA: a highly desired branch of the ROK

Inside the Republic of Korean Army, there are several branches and military positions. The KATUSA is a branch that has many requirements. It is not easy to get accepted, and those who want to join need to pass several tests, including a standardized English test, such as TOEFL or TOEIC. Those who take a TOEFL test need to pass with a minimum of 83 points, and those who take a TOEIC test need at least 780 points. DAY 6’s Young K got 116 points at his TOEFL exam and 970 points for his TOEIC exam.
Young K is not only a talented musician and dancer; his English level is also outstanding.

What does KATUSA stand for?

The military branch stands for Korean Augmentation To the United States Army. The branch was born in 1950 during the Korean war (1950-1953). Those accepted in the KATUSA have to support the US troops, and it is pretty hard to get in. KATUSA members need a lot of skills, and they experience unique learning opportunities. They need to be able to translate and mediate between the Americans and South Korean public. To enter the branch, those who passed the standardized tests are chosen based on a lottery system.
Most South Korean men want to join the KATUSA branch and cooperate with the US Army units. Some of the advantages they receive are better meals and more freedom to leave their post during weekdays..

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