Xiaomi 14 Pro’s Launch is One of the Most Expected Events as the Phone’s Key Features Emerge Online


The Xiaomi 14 Pro is going to make its debut in a dazzling manner, and it will come equipped with a titanium body, which is an incredibly chic feature. A tipper said that a Chinese company had to be the first to convert to new construction materials when a trend toward smartphones changing towards titanium chassis began to gain traction. It is not surprising that a Chinese company would be the first to transition to new construction materials.

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Ice Universe has published a list of the flagship devices that Xiaomi plans to introduce in the near future. The publication also asserts that the 14 Pro model would have a slim and lightweight titanium shell. Naturally, in typical Ice Universe form, he omitted a number of particulars, which has resulted in us having more questions than answers. For example, we want to know how much the Xiaomi 14 Pro is going to cost if it does really have a titanium construction. However, the formal launch event is getting closer, so we should have additional opportunities to view more of that.

According to the releases from the previous year, the Chinese company is anticipated to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in this model. The announcement of the SoC will take place in October, and at that time, we will learn whether or not other devices besides the 14 Pro will sport a sleek titanium chassis.

As a matter of fact, we also know that both the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max are believed to include Grade 5 titanium, which provides it with greater qualities in comparison to both stainless steel and aluminum. The fact that this material is more pricey than the other two is the primary reason why manufacturers are staying away from employing it for the time being.

As of right now, only the 14 Pro is rumored to arrive with a body made of titanium. However, our intuition tells us that Xiaomi may shift away from aluminum for the 14 Pro Plus and the 14 Ultra. Just based on the names alone, both of these flagships are expected to ship with somewhat improved features.

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