Wingspan: the European Expansion is Coming Soon


Some people like board games, others are in love with birds. Both come in a very wide variety. But why wouldn’t you get them both? That’s what Wingspan proposes to us all, as we’re talking about a board game involving a diverse collection of birds.

The usual playing time in Wingspan is between 40 and 70 minutes, meaning more than enough to prove that you have what it takes to win. A number of 1 to 5 players can compete, which means that you surely cannot complain about getting bored once you jump in Wingspan!

The European Expansion comes out on May 5

Those who want even more excitement in Wingspan should surely rely on the European Expansion that comes out in just about three weeks. On May 5, players will have the privilege of getting their hands on the European Expansion. There’s even a new video proving it, and you are free to delight your eyes upon it below:

The video’s description couldn’t be clearer:

Wingspan: European Expansion coming on May 5th 2022!

Wingspan: European Expansion is a DLC in which you will explore another continent. Discover new cards featuring beautiful, charming birds with extraordinary powers. Learn clever strategies to score points and win!

Available soon on Steam, GOG, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and XBOX.

It’s great to know that more and more highly-demanding games are becoming available for smartphones. Both Android and iPhones have become incredibly powerful in recent years, and gaming on such a device isn’t considered a caprice anymore for a long time already. Furthermore, a lot of people are choosing to connect their phone to a monitor and a physical keyboard so they can enjoy an ‘enhanced’ version of their gear.

Feel free to tell us if you’re eager to play Wingspan along with the new DLC! We’re eager to read your thoughts in the comment section!


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