Windows 11 Pro: How to Get It for Only $23


Have you ever heard about Microsoft’s plan to convince as many people as possible to make the upgrade to the company’s latest operating system? Surely you did! The Redmond-based giant continuously updates Windows 11 in order to make it more interesting for the masses.

Surely an impediment to purchasing a license for Windows 11 can also be the price. Operating systems don’t grow in trees, whether we like it or not, which means that we need to buy them. Now can be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on an official copy of Windows 11 Pro!

Windows 11 Pro costs $23 at XDA Depot

According to XDA, although Windows 11 Pro is usually priced at $199, you can now get your hands on a license for the operating system for only $22.99 at the XDA Depot. What’s perhaps even more exciting is the fact that the license you can occur in this way will be valid for use on up to three devices.

Windows 11 Home is suitable for most users, but if you want power user features such as hardware virtualization and robust networking support, upgrading to Pro is a good move.

Windows 11 allegedly enhances productivity with features such as Snap Layouts for easy window organization and improved voice search. Windows 11 Pro even offers BitLocker encryption for data security and the ability to run multiple virtual machines using hardware Hyper-V virtualization. Additional features include Windows Sandbox for safe app testing and support for more CPUs and RAM.

Surely Windows 11 looks better than Windows 10, as it brings a much more pleasing design. But let’s not forget that looks aren’t everything, as each and every person should decide on their own if Windows 11 can indeed be more useful than Windows 10 or vice-versa. Both are considered good operating systems for their time, and they both offer powerful advantages.

Cristian Antonescu
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