Why Do We Sometimes Lose Our Memory: Experts Might Have An Answer

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Forgetting stuff is quite frustrating, especially when you can’t understand what’s exactly happening to you. We may wonder on several occasions throughout our daily lives if memory lapses are indicative of cognitive decline, normal aging, or perhaps the onset of dementia. So, what’s there to understand?

Luckily, not all memory problems are related to our neurons’ aging. The factors are frequently less significant, such as being nervous, worried, exhausted, or preoccupied.

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It is Fine If You Forget Stuff

Did you know that when memory loss starts interfering with your regular day-to-day activities, it is actually a big no for your health?! It won’t be a big deal if you forget to turn left or right, so you shouldn’t worry that much, right?!

Because of how our memory system is designed, occasionally forgetting is pretty common (what a relief!). It’s actually a sleek strength, not really a weakness. Also, did you know that too much extraneous information might slow down or make it challenging to retrieve particular memories? And that actually adds to the burden of maintaining memories on our metabolism.

But here’s the catch.

The not-so-cool thing here is that we can’t always pick what should be remembered or considered valuable. Do you know who does the job? The brain!

Let’s paint a picture of the whole situation: our brains often prefer the newest gossip instead of abstract knowledge, which is quickly discounted (numbers, for example). Quite tricky, isn’t it?!

However, remember that it is not okay to forget how to drive, where you are supposed to go, or even why you are behind the wheel. If such things bother you, they’re clear indicators that you need medical help to determine the cause.

Alzheimer’s disease has no known treatment, but the early discovery will allow you to plan for the future and take more focused care of the condition.

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