Where Are the Reality Seeds in Fortnite Season 3 – How to Summon Reality Saplings

Source: Epic Games

Wondering where are the Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

The new Fortnite Season 3 has just aired, bringing much-needed map changes, brand-new skins, and other cosmetics. The latest Reality Seeds allow players to get ready a bounty for the next time they jump into the island. How cool is that?

We’ve compiled a cool guide of everything you need to know, including where to find Reality Seeds.

Find Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Reality Seeds are cool loot mechanic released by the Reality Tree. You can use these seeds to plant them on the map and return after a while to collect loot by weeding the developed sapling.

And that’s not all!

Source: Epic Games

Even best is that you will get loot every time you weed the fully grown Reality Sapling. You will notice how the loot’s quality will upgrade each time!

BONUS: make sure you check up on your progress! return to your Reality Sapling for the best results!

The Reality Saplings will appear on the map when planted.

Where Are the Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

The Reality Seeds are spread by the Reality Tree, meaning you’ll find some seeds near the tree! You can find the tree in the middle of the new biome.

The Reality Tree is also massive so it won’t be a problem noticing it. However, if you still have trouble finding it, you can head west of where Camp Cuddle used to be.

Source: Epic Games

Notably, the seeds are in a big pink bulb with a nice blue light coming out of it. The picture above shows exactly what the seeds look like!

How to Use the Reality Seeds in Fornite Chapter 3 Season 3

Finding a Reality Seed might be challenging, but using one is not such a big deal. You just equip the seed and press the fire button to plant it!

Check out the loot you can claim from the Reality Seeds:

  • Rare: x10 Common Bars, x1 Rare Combat SMG, x1 Uncommon Reality Seed, x6 Uncommon Small Shield Potion
  • Epic: x3 Uncommon Small Shield Potion, x15 Common Bars, x1 Epic Ranger, x1 Rare Shield Potion
  • Legendary: x6 Uncommon Small Shield Potion, x1 Legendary DMR Sniper Rifle, x20 Common Bars, x1 Rare Shield Potion
  • Mythic: x1 Uncommon Reality Seed, x1 Mythic Stinger SMG, x30 Common Bars, x12 Rare Chug Splash, x1 Rare Shield Potion

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