PS5 Pro Could Pack Huge CPU and GPU Specs – What to Expect?


The performance of the PS5 Pro is expected to be a significant improvement over that of the regular PS5. However, Sony has not yet confirmed or denied the existence of the PS5 Pro, so for the time being, let’s exercise some patience and see what the leaks suggest about the console. Based on the rumor mill, which stirred quite the buzz recently, we’ve got some cool details about the next PS! The future seems quite promising for the PlayStation 5 Pro, as it will have a bespoke APU with a Zen 4 CPU and an RDNA 3/3.5 iGPU, as well as 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM alongside an undefined amount of DDR5 memory for the operating system.

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PS5 Pro Specs: What’s There in Store For Gamers?

It is plausible to believe that Sony is working on new PlayStation 5 systems just on the basis of the amount and frequency of leaks that have been discovered. Maybe not. Because everything is technically conceivable, you should treat everything with a grain of salt. However, thanks to Paul of RedGamingTech (RGT), we now have the “latest” specifications of the PS5 Pro, which, in some respects, differ from the reports that had been circulating previously.

To begin, the source states that both the central processing unit (CPU) and the graphics processing unit (GPU) are anticipated to have clock speeds that are significantly greater than those of the basic model of the PlayStation 5, most likely “well over 3.6 GHz” for the CPU and “2.7 GHz” for the GPU. To say the least, rather audacious and ferocious! The source also appears to be dropping hints about the possibility that the bespoke APU for the PS5 Pro will be made using the TSMC 5/4 nm technology. If this turns out to be the case, the PS5 Pro will include a CPU with 8 Zen 4 cores coupled with an iGPU with 30 Workgroup Processors (WGP). The integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) with 60 compute units (CU) might be based on either RDNA 3 or RDNA 3.5.

What are your expectations about PS5 Pro? What specs and features would you like to see?

In conclusion, the leaker estimates that the PS5 Pro might be equipped with a pixel fill rate of 214 gigapixels, which is around fifty percent more than the standard PS5. This is assuming that the GPU frequency will stay the same as it is in the standard PS5. As was mentioned earlier, everything can be ruled out until Sony issues an official declaration.

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