What is the Best Pokemon Fairy-type: Clefable, Zacian, Togekiss, and More

We know they’re cute, deadly, agile, and sometimes the best choice when it comes to Pokemon battles. Fairy-types are powerful Pokemon, definitely worth your time if you’re seeking a trustworthy companion. 

Back when Fairy-types arrived in Gen IV, Dragon-types were the strongest. However, the vulnerability to Fairy Pokemon dethroned them. 

Here are the best Fairy-type Pokemon that you might want to give it a try.

Clefable: the one with the best coverage

Clefable is a Gen 1 Fairy-type Pokemon, all cute and lovely. It seems like a relatively insignificant Pokemon, but it has some sleek moves and excellent coverage.

The Pokemon’s moves include Ice Beam (Ice), Thunderbolt (Electric), Flamethrower (Fire), Psychic (Psychic), and Shadow Ball (Dark). Clefable has a decent HP base stat of 95, a Special Defense base stat of 90, and a Special Attack base stat of 95.

Sylveon: the one with perfect skills

The pink-and-white Sylveon is an evolution of Eevee and is very powerful on the battlefield.

It has a Pixilate skill that can boost any Normal-type move by up to 20 %, turning it into a sleek Fairy-type attack. But that’s not all.

Sylveon comes with a Special Defense base stat of 130, an HP base stat of 95, and a Special Attack of 115.

Togekiss: the one with unique abilities

Togekiss is a dual Fairy/Flying-type Pokemon and a favourite since the beginning. 

The Pokemon has an excellent Special Attack base stat of 120 and a Special Defense of 115. It can become a pretty powerful force when it uses moves like Dazzling Gleam and Charm.

Zacian: the one with legendary moves

Zacian is the hero of Pokemon Sword and probably one of the best Fairy-type you’ll ever see! 

This Pokemon is mighty when its standard Hero of Many Battles form kicks in, with a total base state of 670. But that’s not what makes Zacian the best choice.

It also comes with an impressive 130 Attack, a powerful 138 Speed, and a sleek 115 Defense. When giving it a Rusted Sword, it evolves into the legendary Fairy/Steel-type Crowned Sword Zacian, with an incredible 720 base stat.

Tapu Fini: the one with the best defense skills

Tapu Fini has the strongest Defense base stat (115) and Special Defense stat (130) of all the Guardian Deities, introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Tapu Fini can also access a Calm Mind and increase its Special Defense and Attack. It is immune to Dragon-type moves and resistant to common Bug, Fire, Water, Fighting, Ice, and Dark-type moves, too.

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