Venom 2’s Release Date Was Pushed Again

It seems that studios keep delaying the release date for their movies, and it’s understandable. With the pandemic still not under control, we are not sure how to handle stuff.

Among all of the movies pushed for another date, there is also Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Sony has pushed the release date again. And it is no surprise. But the good thing is that we’re getting the movie on the 15th of October, instead of the 1st of October.

The movie was delayed a month from its initial date in September after it got pushed the first time in 2020. Marvel will meet its glory days again, especially after Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The office box seems a lot more promising these days.

We think that October will be very profitable for the Venom franchise. The first movie was released in October 2018, and it was the highest-grossing October debut in history. It has earned more than $850 million worldwide. Do you know what’s the only movie to have ever broken this record? Joker, just one year later.

Of course, Tom Hardy will be back as Eddie Brock in the new movie, but the news is that Woody Harrelson will join the franchise as Cletus Kasady – Carnage.

Among the cast members, there is also Michelle Williams, Stephen Graham, Naomie Harris, and Peggy Lu. The director of the movie is Andy Serkis, and the script is written by Kelly Marcel.

The Venom series is not alone does not share any plot with any of the Spider-Man characters. However, this may not be the case in the future, but as of now, we’re waiting for Sony and Marvel to announce a crossover.

We’re waiting to hear more about Venom, and hopefully, we’ll see the movie on its new release date.