GTA 5 Has Stunning New Looks With This 4K Ultimate Mod

Even though GTA 5 is almost eight years old, there still is a lot more to squeeze from the legendary RPG. Despite the fact that Rockstar Games finds ways to improve the online mode every week (aka GTA Online), modders are still adding an extra flavour to the latest major instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series.
We’ve seen GTA 5 mods that bring a lot of interesting and crazy stuff to the main game, such as adding new characters, new vehicles, new settlements, and so on. But not many of them were also improving the graphics, which, however, are already pretty impressive if your gaming rig is powerful enough. Today we’re gladly presenting the new creation of Digital Dreams, and their video speaks for itself:

This new mod brings 4K textures and some other improvements when it comes to graphics. We can’t also neglect the ENB and the Ray Tracing Global Illumination effects.

No public release so far

You know what they say that you can’t have them all in life, and the same goes for the new GTA 5 mod with 4K textures. No public release was announced yet, as the mod is only available for the members of Frosty Series X OV3RK1LL’s Patreon.
The total development cost for GTA 5 back in the day was $265 million, making the game the most expensive one ever made. Meanwhile, Cyberpunk 2077 and the upcoming Star Citizen surpassed the costs for both GTA 5 and its online mode (GTA Online). For 2021, the latest major instalment from the Grand Theft Auto series is number three on the most expensive video games ever made, which is still fabulous for a title released long ago in 2013.

Cristian Antonescu
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