UK Health Experts Warn Against Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

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Antibiotics have been created to help people recover from different types of infections, especially bacterial infections. However, they can be prescribed and ingested after a medical provider runs a series of blood tests and confirms a diagnosis. Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, and even before that, some people tend to avoid vising a doctor when they feel bad and take antibiotic pills they have around the house from previous health emergencies.

UK health experts warn there is another pandemic in the world

The UK Health Security Agency has released a report in which national data from England on antibiotic prescribing and resistance has been analyzed. According to the findings, the number of antibiotic-resistant infections has grown, and this could lead to future problems. Those who take antibiotics without visiting a doctor are endangering their lives and creating a new pandemic. Although we can catch a cold, antibiotics are not the solution for it.

In most countries, antibiotics cannot be sold without a doctor’s prescription. However, some people manage to procure them or even use antibiotics in their homes from other occasions.
Because during the Covid pandemic, more people stayed at home, there were fewer chances for them to get infected with other respiratory illnesses. Thus, there have been fewer antibiotics prescribed. However, the report warns that a new pandemic can happen in the future.

Because bacteria can become antibiotic-resistant if a person has taken too many times the same type of antibiotic, that person might develop severe health problems. It is not uncommon for bacteria to evade antibiotic treatment.

The NHS explains on the official website that antibiotics are not miracle pills that work for everything, especially for viral infections. Although they can come in many forms, such as capsules, creams, lotions, liquid capsules, etc., it is important to ask a doctor and a pharmacist about the correct dosage.

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