Twitter Breach Reportedly Results in 400 Million User’s Personal Data Being Leaked and Put Up for Sale!

According to new reports, after a new data breach, no less than 400 million Twitter users are up for sale!

More precisely, it has been reported that a database allegedly containing a “devastating” amount of personal data has been put on sale by a so-called “threat actor.”

The “threat actor” claims to have obtained all of this user data from a vulnerability found in Twitter’s defenses, which is, naturally, very concerning to hear but at the same time, not exactly surprising given what has been going on in the aftermath of Elon Musk’s takeover of the massive social media platform.

A cybersecurity company claims that the users affected by this data leak are in the hundreds of millions and even “high profile” people on the platform are not safe, Ether creator Vitalik Buterin, being mentioned as one of the victims.

Hudson Rock, the “cybercrime intelligence company,” mentions that Twitter has been the target of a brand new data leak, an obviously huge one, putting this much personal user data in the hands of this “threat actor.”

Even though the reported breach has just now become public knowledge, it appears that it actually happened earlier in 2022.

Even more concerning, the information leaked is apparently of a sensitive nature as well, including even the “emails and phone numbers of high profile users” such as Vitalik Buterin, but also the ones of companies or entities like Linus Tech Tips and even SpaceX!

As for what the malicious leaker’s motivation is, the reports claim they want Twitter owner and controversial billionaire Elon Musk to pay for the personal data return instead of facing “GDPR breach fines.”

At the same time, Hudson Rock has made it very clear that it’s “not possible” to verify that the estimated 400 million is the true number of users affected by the leak on the platform.

However, it is still worth mentioning that the group claims an independent data check has indeed shown that the number is “legitimate,” so it’s safe to say not much is certain for the time being.

Ionela Ghergus
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