Try These Muscle-building Foods – Forget About Chicken Recipes

Following a muscle-building routine is not just hitting the gym and eating healthy. Also, you’ve probably developed an intense hatred for chicken recipes, right? Seasoning and spices can help, of course, as can throwing the bird on the grill, but there are more healthy protein-based foods you might want to try.

Diversifying your protein intake should always be an option. Just imagine how much you can miss from the blood-boosting iron in red meat or the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids in fish. There are also many protein-rich plants really great for your muscles!

Here are some of the best chicken alternatives that you should try at least once:


Just one cup of chickpeas can offer you up to 15 grams of protein! From hummus, Moroccan stews to chana masala, you can try many recipes to support your muscles’ strength.


Ever tried some edamame? These soybeans are very rich in protein and help you build muscle.

The beans contain 19 grams/cup, and they’re great as a salad topper or snack!

Duck Breast

Duck breast is here to take chicken’s spot in providing you with the best protein-intake. Duck isn’t as lean as chicken, but it’s about 1000 % more delicious.

Choosing to eat a duck-based recipe comes with a powerful amount of muscle-building protein. For example, 45 grams/breast is just enough to support your muscles.


Milk for the win! Milk is an excellent source of protein your muscles really need.

And we’re not talking about milk alternatives, such as almond milk, oat milk, or chia milk. No, real milk (cow milk) should be included in your diet if you want to support your muscles.

One cup of milk has 8 grams of protein! How great is this?

Smoked Salmon

The last food on our list is smoked salmon! This yummy fish is perfect with almost anything.

Put it into some scrambled eggs? Yes, please! Try some smoked salmon in a mixed greens salad? Why not! Only 3 ounces of smoked salmon comprise approximately 15 grams of protein.

Remember that diversity is the key to your muscle-building routine!


Georgia Nica
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