Top Reasons Why Raditz Must Come Back in Dragon Ball


The Dragon Ball Super Manga is currently unfolding, and a lot of exciting stuff has happened since the Tournament of Power from the anime version. But while the Z warriors have some real trouble fighting Granolah, maybe the writers could find some inspiration while taking a look back at the legendary Dragon Ball Z anime.

Any Dragon Ball fan remembers Raditz. He had such a terrifying and badass entrance in the anime, kidnapping Gohan when he was just a 5-year old child and wiping the floor with Goku. Raditz was none other than Goku’s evil brother, and he has shown great potential. Even so, Raditz left the Dragon Ball series as fast as he came.

We expect Raditz to come back one day in Dragon Ball Super, and here are our top reasons:

He has shown great potential

Raditz was a true menace when he appeared in the very first episode of Dragon Ball Z. It took the combined forces of Goku and Piccolo to take him down, which is indeed something remarkable. At that time, Piccolo was just about as strong as Goku, and the Namekian was capable of some mind-blowing techniques. Furthermore, Goku had to sacrifice himself to get rid of Raditz.

Raditz was easily able to take down either Goku or Piccolo if he fought them one by one. The long-haired Saiyan had beaten the senzu beans out of Goku, and he cut Piccolo’s arm off. Goku wasn’t even able to land a single blow on Raditz. However, the Saiyan hero was light-years weaker at that time, as he couldn’t even become a Super Saiyan.

However, Goku came back from the dead a lot stronger, as he defeated the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. At that time, Vegeta was pure evil, as he wanted to destroy the Earth and gather the dragon balls for achieving immortality.

He is Goku’s brother

Few relatives of Goku appeared in the Dragon Ball franchise. Raditz is Goku’s evil brother, whether we like the idea or not. Raditz is also one of the few surviving Saiyans after Lord Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, meaning the Saiyans’ home. The only other pure-blooded Saiyans who remained alive were Goku, Vegeta, and Nappa. Although they were brothers, Raditz wanted to kill Goku because the latter didn’t follow the order to destroy all life forms of Earth. Goku was originally sent to Earth for completely evil purposes, but a hit on the head when he was a baby made him become good. Raditz had no idea that Goku’s personality completely shifted and started to ask him why didn’t he complete the mission.

Goku was obviously surprised and had a major shock when Raditz told him about his origins. That was the first time when Goku’s origins were revealed: he was part of the blood-thirsty race of the Saiyans, which were true space pirates that had the purpose of conquering entire planets and selling them.

Vegeta was the head of the whole thing since he was the Prince of all Saiyans. The dark past of Vegeta has been long gone, however. Vegeta slowly became one of the good guys who started to fight for world peace. Later on, he helped in the defeat of Cell, Majin Buu, Moro, and so on.

If Goku or Piccolo would have to face Raditz now in the Dragon Ball Super Manga, the Saiyan villain will clearly be outclassed. But let’s not forget that Dragon Ball never had a problem making characters stronger if needed.
Do you also want to see Raditz again in Dragon Ball? Feel free to let us know in a comment!

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