Timberland Teams Up With Fortnite, Creates Metaboots

Credit: Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

According to a press release, Timberland is expanding its boot design innovation platform into the metaverse through a partnership with video game producer Epic Games and creative firm Conceptkicks. The creative strategy for the activation was guided by Metavision, a metaverse-focused agency. Construct: 10061, the newest campaign from the outdoor brand, features an interactive Fortnite experience. Three various biomes can be explored as players wear Timberland’s virtual innovation lab, a selection of Metaboots, and the four boots in question.

For the duration of Milan Design Week, Timberland will make the concept public at its Orefici11 flagship shop in the Italian city. Visitors may see boot prototypes up close, witness live gaming, and even help assemble the Metaboot’s fifth iteration in the game’s battle royale mode. Using the metaverse conceit, Timberland joins other apparel marketers in showcasing creative product ideas and enticing a young audience with a definite penchant for gaming. Epic Games’ Fortnite technology is being utilized by Timberland in the metaverse play, which is a more extensive online gaming activity.

The bootmaker’s design process may be seen through a virtual representation of its real-world facility on the custom island. Climates in the larger area are diverse, reflecting the various outdoor settings that someone might visit while dressed in Timberland gear. The island’s three biomes are each represented by a Metaboot, which features footwear inspired by the cold, desert, and woodland settings, respectively. “Parkour paths” let you explore the biomes and find new effects visitors can bring back to the design studio. The traditional yellow Timberland boot serves as the inspiration for a fourth Metaboot.

BeyondCreative, a game studio that specializes in Fortnite experiences for companies, collaborated on the Metaboots. Companies like Adidas and Balenciaga have previously worked with BeyondCreative, which speaks to the wide range of businesses that are interested in bespoke activations within the enormously popular multiplayer title.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.