Tianwen-1 Probe Captured Mars Like Never Before – New Data Available

The Chinese space agency (CNSA) launched a few months ago probe Tianwen-1 to Mars. The mission’s main goal is to survey the Red Planet, orbiting closer.

Recent data sent by Tianwen-1 prove that the probe is also one of the best photographers of Mars so far. The new shots unveiled the Red Planet like never before, leaving astronomers in awe. Curious to find out more?

Here is what you need to know.

Haunting Images of Mars 

China’s Mars probe sent back some fantastic photos of the Red Planet, showing our old planetary friend in a new light. 

On March 16 and March 18, Tianwen-1 captured two panoramic shots of the Red Planet using its medium-resolution camera. The images reveal a crescent Mars from its far side. 

In the photos, we can spot the Sun behind Mars, from a distance of approximately 11,000 kilometres (6,835 miles), as per astronomers’ observations. You can see the incredible shot below:

Even if the distance is enormous, there are some surface traits that we can notice, including various colours resurfacing over the Red Planet’s face. But that’s not all.

You can also spot a blurred, hazy outline, which is nothing else but Mars’ thin but dusty atmosphere, beautifully wrapped around it like a dainty shell.

More Details About Tianwen-1’s Mission

Tianwen-1 transports a rover that will have to reach the Utopia Planitia, within the Utopia impact sink on Mars’ northern hemisphere. Besides that, the probe carries a lander, too.

The Utopia impact area is a vast lava plain that has underneath large amounts of ice. According to scientists, the possibility of an ancient ocean is very likely. 

That could’ve existed before the Red Planet lost its liquid surface water.

The probe’s mission is to explore that region and search for some essential clues to help scientists solve Mars’ mysterious history! Hopefully, in the coming years, we’ll be able to see more photos of the Red Planet, similar to the recent ones.

Georgia Nica
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