Three Volcanoes are Currently Erupting in Alaska at the Same Time

Source: John Milliard/AVO

A rare natural event occurred in Alaska, as per a new report by NBC. Three volcanoes are currently erupting in the Alaskan chain of Aleutian islands, while two others are rumbling quietly.

According to previous reports, it’s been 7 years since 3 Aleutian volcanoes erupted at the same time. The volcanic activity is now higher than ever, but it’s not causing any trouble.

Here is what you need to know.

Increased Volcanic Activity in the Aleutian Islands: What to Expect

NBC reported that Mount Pavlof, the Great Sitkin volcano, and the Semisopochnoi volcano are now at an orange alert level since August 15.

The event means that eruptions are currently underway. The good thing is that they’re not troubling, and there’s only minimal ash.

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Researchers warnings and reports

Researchers are keeping a watchful eye on the whole situation. They have reported small amounts of ash from Semisopochnoi and Mount Pavlof, none from Great Sitkin, which is good news.

However, at the Great Sitkin, lava is flowing, while at Semisopochnoi, several explosions have been recorded.

In addition, researchers found some signs of volcano activity at the volcanic complex on Atka and Mount Cleveland and reported a yellow volcano alert level.

The heat is also higher than usual under Mount Cleveland and under Atka, the earthquakes are now small.

Such rare natural events are quite intriguing yet peculiar. For instance, the simultaneous volcanic activity in the Aleutians is rare, as per previous reports.

The Aleutian Arc possesses a massive chain of volcanoes that stretches from the Alaskan Peninsula to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

The chain of volcanoes is also spreading along the subduction boundary between 2 tectonic plates: the Pacific Plate shoving underneath the North American Plate.

Scientists will no doubt be tracking the situation to find a link to earlier eruptions of simultaneous activity. They also need to learn more about this peculiar arc of volcanoes.

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