This Classic Rival of Iron Man Might Show Up in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers brings the success of the Marvel universe to the world of video games, offering its fans a chance to experience the superhero life. As the official website reads, “Marvel’s Avengers is all about playing your favorite Super Heroes and feeling like their powers are in your hands. Soar through the air as Iron Man, vanish in the blink of an eye as Black Widow, and (of course) Hulk SMASH!”

The game has prepared plenty of surprises for its players in the past, and it appears that they still have a few tricks up their sleeve. This time fans believe that Iron Man might encounter one of its longtime opponents, Justin Hammer. Tony Stark’s business competitor, Hammer, attempts to sabotage the Iron Man multiple times in the comics in order to take his company.

The upcoming presence of Justin Hammer was hinted at through audio logs that used the title “Regarding Justin Hammer.” There are reasons to believe Justin Hammer will appear as a villain in the game. In one of the logs, we can hear Hammer relishing his moment of glory after taking the company from Tony Stark. The audio logs offer a complete story, following Hammer’s defeat when he discovers he is not the one who has the power.

After the AIM Scientist, Supreme Monica Rappaccini confronts Hammer and lets him know that he is not the one in control; it is Tony Stark himself who offers help. However, it soon becomes clear that Tony was also tricking Hammer. It makes sense to believe that Justin Hammer will attempt to obtain revenge against Tony Stark, therefore appearing as an in-game villain. Moreover, since Hammer does not have superpowers or fighting abilities, we might see him employ other Marvel villains. It remains to see whether Hammer will make an appearance soon.

Tonia Nissen
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