The Xbox App Will Inform You About Games’ Compatibility With Your PC


Even in 2022, it can be a little complicated to know if a certain game can run well on our PC. Not everybody has a powerful gaming laptop, but the good news is that there always will be alternatives.

According to The Verge, Microsoft now allows users of its Xbox app to find out if their PC is compatible with a certain game that they wish to download. The new implementation of the Redmond-based tech giant means something much more than a simple showcase of the system requirements.

A fair comparison

The new feature works by comparing the performance of a certain game on PC’s that have similar hardware configuration to your own. In this way, the app will tell you something like “plays well on similar PCs,” for instance:

Source: Microsoft

But if your PC doesn’t match, there’s no use losing hope just yet! The app will also tell you what components are worth upgrading. But there’s still a catch, as we all know that tech is not magic.

Here’s what Tila Nguyen has to say, who is senior product manager lead for Xbox experiences at Microsoft:

As we continue to learn about the performance of a game on similar PCs, you may not see a performance check for every game (especially recently added games) until we have enough information to share a recommendation. Keep checking back!

Surely the option to purchase a cloud gaming subscription from Google Stadia or NVIDIA’s GeForce Now is also a good option when it comes to gaming. But it’s not really profitable to pay that monthly fee if you’re not exactly a hardcore gamer who plays for hours every day.

The new feature of Microsoft’s Xbox app just began to roll out, which means that it should be just a matter of time until every user will get to benefit from it!

Cristian Antonescu
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