The Sims 4 Babies Will Receive A Major Overhaul

Credit: Electronic Arts

The Sims experienced a momentous week just a few days ago. EA announced the next game in the Sims series, which is presently in early production and going by the codename Project Rene, in addition to The Sims 4 becoming free-to-play. Nevertheless, the assurance that the game’s offspring will be more than simply toys for your Sims to swoon over was buried at the very conclusion of the Sims Summit that took place the week before last.

Eight years after the first release of the game, infants will at long last be permitted to emerge from their bassinets. It was revealed that babies will behave more like individuals and less like impersonal entities beginning with an update that is scheduled to take place in the early 2023. A baby was seen crawling over the floor.

However, if one conducts a more in-depth investigation into what’s to come concerning The Sims’ newborns, the findings suggest that the upcoming update will involve a bit more complexity than simply reworking babies. The baby adjustments are discussed in a new article on the game’s blog; nevertheless, the word “baby” is never once used in any part of the piece. Instead, the children are called to as infants, which gives the impression that the upgrade will genuinely introduce a new point in life in the year 2023.

We’re also excited to share that infants will be arriving in early 2023!

Therefore, when the upgrade is finally implemented in 2023, newborns may possibly continue to be nothing more than items, at least initially; but, now there will be an infant phase before they mature into toddlers.

There is a possibility that playtesting for the upcoming Sims game will get underway this week, despite the fact that gameplay footage from the project was presented for the first time in the summer.

Susan Kowal
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