The New Echo Dot Speakers Are on Sale this Black Friday – Get 2 for the Price of 1!


For the first time ever, Amazon’s newest Echo Dot speakers are getting a discount on Black Friday so do not miss this opportunity!

More precisely, you’ll basically be able to take advantage of a 50% discount since they’re offering two Echo Dot speakers for the price of one!

This also means that if you don’t really need two, you can use the other as a stocking stuffer this holiday season, surprising a loved one with a really nice gift without breaking the bank.

As for what they have to offer, the Echo Dot speakers have improved audio quality thanks to a slight upgrade as well as an accelerometer, a brand new temperature sensor and a built-in Eero that is there to add more coverage to compatible networks.

The Echo Dot 5th hasn’t been on the market for long, having been launched last month for the accessible price of $50.

Since it’s so new, the news that it would get such a significant discount on Black Friday was definitely quite unexpected.

Slashing the price in half is a great opportunity for users who wish to upgrade their old Echo Dot as well as those who haven’t owned one before but are interested in purchasing the latest model anyway.

Not to mention that the other Echo Dot 5th Gen variants are on sale as well.

For instance, the Echo Dot 5th Gen with Clock costs only $39 now, while the Echo Dot 5th Gen Kids is no more expensive than $29.

The Echo Dot 5th Gen is really useful in your home no matter your lifestyle or daily routine, allowing buyers to control their smartphone devices, ask Alexa all kinds of questions, play music and more, all while in a really compact and inconspicuous shell that is sure to blend in any home.

Speaking of its small size, the speaker still manages to be impressively loud in spite of it, being powerful enough to fill a medium room with your favorite tunes.

And if you decide to keep both Echo Dots, you will also be able to enjoy a rich stereo sound.

The only slight disadvantage is that the newest model no longer features the 3.5mm jack, which means you won’t be able to connect it to a bigger speaker anymore.

However, that is obviously not a deal breaker for everyone as it all depends on your unique, personal needs.

Overall, the design looks exactly like the 4th Gen model but the technical upgrades are undeniable.

For example, the latest model features motion sensors that allow users to interact with the speaker by using tapping gestures.

Furthermore, Amazon has also added the Eero mesh network support, allowing buyers to use the device as a Wi-Fi extender via the matching router!

And for only a little extra money, you can get the more advantageous clock version that features an upgraded LED display that shows alarms, the weather, tells the time and displays song titles whenever they’re playing.

Ionela Ghergus
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