The MagSafe Battery Pack Boasts a Very Special Price Leading to Black Friday – Don’t Miss Out!


Black Friday is right around the corner but that’s not to say that some great deals are not already here!

That’s right! The very beginning of the holiday season has also marked the start of the shopping season, bringing along great prices for all kinds of products!

With that being said, if you’re a loyal fan of the iPhone, you might want to make its life a little longer every day.

After all, it usually lasts for a full day, which means that in the evenings, you tend to find yourself charging it, or even letting it do its thing throughout the night.

This, of course, may not sound like the biggest hassle but why not improve the experience of being an iPhone user in the first place?

Besides, who likes being tethered to a wall when they still need their phone for different things and it’s charging?

Thankfully, Apple offers a rather efficient solution to this issue, namely the simple, compact, and elegant MagSafe Battery Pack.

It is the ideal product for this situation but there is no question that this product is usually quite pricy.

The good news is that the MagSafe Battery Pack has been discounted by no less than $28, which is a significant cut from the initial $99.99 price.

You should also know that this battery pack is meant for the newer iPhone 12 models.

To achieve the perfect connection, it uses the company’s MagSafe feature which is sure to align the battery with the iPhone to perfection.

Furthermore, the battery pack starts charging the device automatically and also turns off all on its own when fully charged.

Using a Lightning cable, you can plug the battery pack as well to charge it beforehand.

Of course, you could also just place the iPhone on it and have it charged at a speedy rate of around 15W to 20W, depending on the adapter used.

Unfortunately, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is not able to fully charge modern iPhones.

More precisely, it looks like a realistic expectation is a 70 percent battery charge in the case of the iPhone Mini.

On the other hand, the standard iPhone might reach up to 60 percent.

Finally, the Pro models have it the worst, only getting charged up to 40 percent.

Of course, all of this may not be a deal breaker for you and you may still think that this product is worth the investment, especially since it’s $28 cheaper at the moment!

Ionela Ghergus
Ionela Ghergus has been writing for multiple publications since graduating university in 2015. She strongly believes learning is a lifelong process so she has many interests and knowledge about a variety of topics she loves to share through her product reviews and guides. She is especially passionate about technology and how it constantly transforms the world we live in, which is why covering tech news and compiling best gadget lists is currently her biggest focus as a journalist.