The ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Movie Could Bring Back an Important Character From ‘Z’, the Fans Believe


Throughout its long history, Dragon Ball has got us used to some glorious comebacks of villains. Not to mention that it happened so many times during battles that an opponent would rise back from the ashes for getting involved in another round, just when everybody thought that it was over.

It could happen something similar in the upcoming movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’. Frieza, for instance, came back from the dead several times already, so why wouldn’t another character from ‘Z’ follow the same pattern?

Cell could come back, according to the fans

The fans already knew about a surprising character coming back for the upcoming movie. That character could actually be none other than Cell, the evil android that represented the best of what the Red Ribbon Army could create back in the day of the Dragon Ball Z anime. Here’s a strong hint:

That foot looks very much like the one of Cell. If the android will indeed come back to Dragon Ball, it wouldn’t be too surprising after all. The movie will be showcasing the return of the Red Ribbon Army under a new command and with a new leading scientist. As expected, their plan will come into conflict with Goku and the gang. Judging by the information we have until know, Goku and Vegeta will not be under the spotlight too much for this upcoming movie. The main focus will be on Gohan, who will reach new heights in terms of power.

If we remember how things unfolded back in ‘Z’, we conclude that Gohan was pretty much the one who defeated Cell. The android created by Dr. Gero might now be willing to have his revenge on Goku’s son, and we anticipate some amazing fights already. Surely Cell would be stronger than ever, but Gohan is also far from the child he was when he first fought Cell.

With or without Cell, we can expect to see another great Dragon Ball movie!

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