The Chrome OS Version of Minecraft is Now Available and Works on More Devices

Mojang Studios

Back in March, Mojang began providing early access to this version of Minecraft for Chromebook users. During that period, it could only be accessed on specified models that fulfilled the requirements. That’s quite the game-changer, isn’t it?!

After an early access period, Minecraft is now available to a broader audience on Chromebook. A purchase of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from the Google Play Store will cost you twenty dollars. If you do so, you will be granted access to the Android version of Minecraft at no additional cost, despite the fact that it normally costs $7. Neat!

More good news: If you have already purchased the game on Android and use the same Google account on your Chromebook device, you are eligible to get the current version for the discounted price of $13.

What are your thoughts so far about Minecraft’s development and availability?

Access to the Minecraft Marketplace as well as the most recent update for Trails and Tales, is included in the most recent version of Chromebook. The latter enables you to do things such as fight new mobs and blocks and write notes to pals on customizable hanging signs, among other things.

According to Google’s statements, the game Minecraft may be finally played on any Chromebook manufactured during the previous three years as well as other models that fulfill the system requirements. That’s just amazing for Minecraft fans and Chromebook users!

The game comes with complete support for cross-play, which is great because it actually allows you to create tons of things and explore stuff with your friends who are also using the Bedrock Edition on mobile platforms, as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows.

Subscribers to Game Pass Ultimate have the additional benefit of being able to play the game via Xbox Cloud Gaming on their Chromebooks.

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