League of Legends x Coke Collab: How is the Taste of Experience Points?

Coca-Cola/ Riot Games

Coca-Cola has come up with a sleek method via which you may advance your status in real life. Well, metaphorically speaking, of course. As part of quite the collab with Riot Games and in honor of the video game League of Legends, the two big companies have created a carbonated beverage that, according to their views, tastes just like experience points. Do you think it tastes as amazing as it sounds?! Maybe it does, but you know what they say, you better got the skills to prove you’re worthy.

The beverage will be marketed by Coca-Cola as Ultimate Zero Sugar (it carries quite the name!), and beginning on June 7 and continuing through July 18, participants in the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar League will have the opportunity to earn some of the coolest gifts related to the event by completing various in-game tasks. Here is how you may get your hands on the cosmetics:

The Ultimate Teamplay may be unlocked after racking up to seven assists in only a single game
The Ultimate Gains may be unlocked after accumulating up to 12,000 gold in a single match
Earn the Ultimate Tempo emote by completing a game within the time limit of only 20 minutes

What are your thoughts so far about the Riot and Coke collaboration? Do you think such events are worth players’ time?

Note that the tasks are pretty challenging, so you may want to come prepared by showing your best skills in the game. The fact that the rewards are so cool makes things a bit easier, and they should also make you more eager!

The new Coke will be sold in the US, Latin America, Canada, Africa, China, and South Korea; in addition, a full-sugar version of the beverage will also be made available in North America (which is definitely something more like people’s taste anyway).

Georgia Nica
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