Tesla Phone Pi vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Which One is Better?

Credit: Samsung

It’s only a matter of time until Tesla, the famous automotive company, releases its first flagship smartphone: the Tesla Phone Pi model. We can definitely expect a revolutionizing device, one that will make people forget about the age-old “no signal” problem once and for all. And that’s not even the most interesting part!

If the information we have is correct, Tesla’s upcoming smartphone will also have a powerful battery that almost recharges itself, which means that carrying your charger around each time you leave the house won’t be necessary anymore.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the 2021 flagship of the South Korean giant, and it has some pretty powerful specs. It can be pretty difficult to say for sure which one of the two smartphones is better, but we’ll give it a try based on the rumored information we have about Tesla’s device and the confirmed specs we have regarding Samsung’s gadget:


Tesla Phone Pi will likely be carrying a Super AMOLED display that measures 6.9 inches, which is huge. The refresh rate of 144Hz is also more than pretty much any other smartphone on the market is capable of. The resolution is also not to be neglected, as it’s set at 1344×2772 pixels.

Galaxy S21 Ultra sports a Dynamic AMOLED display of 6.8 inches, and it’s equipped with a refresh rate of 120Hz, HDR10+, and 1500 nits for peak brightness.

Tesla’s phone wins this round.


We can expect from Tesla Phone Pi to carry a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset of 4nm, as well as a CPU that can reach 3.2GHz. Surely that’s not a bad configuration.

As for Samsung’s phone, we must say that it’s equipped with an Exynos 2100 chipset of 5nm for the international version of the device. The Galaxy S21 Ultra model that is shipped in the USA and China has the Snapdragon 888 5G chipset of 5 nm.

Tesla wins once again.


Surely no powerful phone can exist nowadays without cameras that are capable enough. Tesla Phone Pi consists of a quadruple-camera setup where the main lens reaches 108MP. The ultrawide lens of 50MP, the P. Telephoto sensor of 50MP, and the 6MP Macro sensor are also there to form a team.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra consists of a quad camera setup that consists of a 108MP wide sensor, a 10MP periscope telephoto, a 10MP telephoto lens, as well as a 12MP ultrawide lens. This camera setup is also able to record video up to 8K.

It seems like Tesla’s phone will also have better cameras.


You’ll likely get the chance to buy the Tesla Phone Pi for $800. That’s certainly a good price for what the future phone will be capable of! As for Samsung’s flagship, you can purchase it for even less: $467.


Since Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is much cheaper than Tesla Phone Pi, you may consider buying the former if money is an issue. However, Tesla’s future phone seems to be superior in pretty much all key areas judging by the info we have so far. But remember to take the specs of the Tesla Phone Pi with a grain of salt!

Furthermore, as we already said, the upcoming Tesla phone will have some pretty unique features. You can’t use the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for operations such as having a good cellular signal regardless of your location.

We are eagerly waiting to find out more about what the front camera of the Tesla Phone Pi will be capable of or the RAM and storage options of the future device. There is so much more info left to uncover until Tesla’s phone comes out around April 2023! Stay tuned to be informed at the right time!

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