Temtem Showdown: Free to Play Creature-collectathon is Now Available

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Temtem Showdown is a free-to-play remake of the creature-gathering frenzy, minus the tedious part of actually collecting the creatures. The turn-based 2v2 bouts in the MMORPG Temtem were recently made available in a mode that skips the creature-catching, quests, and other Pokémon-related stuff.

This mode has been converted into its own free standalone download dubbed Temtem Showdown. Are you excited about it? Watch the official trailer below:

The best part is that you don’t even have to possess the original game to play Temtem Showdown; the download is free, and there are no in-game purchases required. To begin playing, simply visit the game’s Steam website and start your new experience!

Temtem Showdown is a free download, but the original Temtem game costs $40 on Steam.

Here’s what to expect from the new Temtem Showdown:

You may then adjust the movesets, SVs, and TVs of any species without having to level up or anything like that. Once you have your perfect party assembled, you may pit them against other players in ranked combat in an effort to earn experience and level up. You may also play against friends to get some practice and feedback. Wow, that’s quite neat.

The new standalone Pokémon-like game looks to be missing many of the features that make the series so beloved. In particular, the adventure of tracking down a pocketful of colorful animals, capturing them, bonding with them, and seeing them develop over time. I’m assuming that, like the main game, Temtem Showdown will receive seasonal updates and balancing fixes every few months.

What are your thoughts about Temtem Showdown’s development? Would you consider giving it a try?

Temtem is a delight for PC Pokemon enthusiasts since it improves upon the original Pokemon formula while maintaining true to its origins. Since its first release, the game has received updates that make it more exquisite!

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