Sony to Remove Marvel’s Avengers PS Plus Extra Version on March 31st

Credit: Marvel's Avengers

The PlayStation Plus Extra edition of Marvel’s Avengers will be taken off of Sony’s service on March 31st, making it the twelfth title to be taken off of the service in this month. In September 2023, the video game will also be completely removed from sale, which means that it will no longer be accessible for purchase either online or in physical stores.

The fact that Crystal Dynamics, the game’s creator, has announced that it would stop providing content support for the game on March 31 was a factor in the decision to remove Marvel’s Avengers from the PS Plus catalog. While though players will still be able to play the campaign offline and participate in multiplayer as long as the servers are online, there is no assurance that the servers will continue to be operational after September.

It is quite evident that Sony had no intention of keeping the game in the PlayStation Plus library past the month of September due to the fact that the online marketplace and other elements of the game were discontinued at the end of March. This decision was made in conjunction with the de-listing of the game because it is highly improbable that the servers would continue to operate for an extended period of time once the game is withdrawn from the service.

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers who had hoped to continue having fun with the game for a little bit longer will be disappointed to hear the news. Players who have already obtained a copy of the game through PlayStation Plus will be able to keep playing it so long as they have a valid subscription in the service.

To summarize, it is always disappointing to have a game taken from a service, especially when the game’s future is uncertain. On March 31, the Marvel’s Avengers PS Plus Extra edition will no longer be available through the service; however, gamers will still be able to access the game and play it offline so long as the servers remain online. In the event that you have not yet claimed the game, now is the time to do so before it is taken away.

Susan Kowal
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