Sniper Elite 5: Check Out the “Weapons and Customisation” Trailer


We’re about a month away until Rebellion will launch Sniper Elite 5 for PC and consoles. We already have a lot of exciting information about the game. This time, Karl Fairburne will grab his sniper rifles and other “toys” and put them to some deadly tests in France.

As expected, Karl will also be dealing with the Nazis this time as well. It obviously takes a huge amount of teamwork to recreate environments, battlefields, weapons, and armored vehicles from World War II. But it’s not impossible as long as you invest enough time, effort, money, and knowledge.

In the new “Weapons and Customisation” trailer that just went out, we learn a lot of important info about how the gruesome WWII atmosphere was recreated once again, this time for Sniper Elite 5:

Part of the video’s description says it all:

Rebellion worked with renowned military historian and star of the Combat Dealers TV show, Bruce Crompton as well as the Imperial War Museum and Royal Armouries Museum to capture thousands of reference images and audio recordings of World War 2 weapons and vehicles to help ensure maximum authenticity.

Throughout the Sniper Elite series, the developer Rebellion has done a good job when it comes to presenting some credible settlements. Sniper Elite 4, for instance, took the bloody battles in Italy. The players got to fight across memorable landscapes on maps such as the San Celini Island, the Bitanti Village, Regilino Viaduct, Lorino Dockyard, Abrunza Monastery, Magazzeno Facility, and others.

Sniper Elite 3, on the other hand, took the main focus to northern Africa. However, most fans of the series would agree that Sniper Elite 3 was significantly inferior to the sequel. As for Sniper Elite V2 and the very first title of the series, they were both based in Germany.

Cristian Antonescu
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