Snapchat Releases a Drone for Taking Selfies

Credit: Snap

If there’s one thing we all must agree upon when it comes to selfies, it is that everybody is using them. Some more than others, it’s true, but living without selfies nowadays seems impossible.

How about having a drone at your disposal that’s able to take those selfies on your behalf? Snapping the right picture of you and a friend can be a difficult task sometimes, and the folks from Snap, the company in charge of Snapchat, seem to have thought about this aspect.

Meet Pixy, the drone capable of taking selfies

Snap created and launched Pixy, an incredible drone capable of taking selfies and storing them in its capacity of 16GB. As expected, the drone works directly with the Snapchat social app, as it saves all the photos there before sending them to the user’s phone. We already anticipate that the drone will become a huge success. Despite its useful feature of snapping those photos when you need them, the gadget can also fit in your pocket. It only weighs a bit more than 101 grams. How great is that?

To make things even more exciting, Pixy is also incredibly easy to tame. It will land right in your palm as soon as you finish taking your photos.

Snap said the following, as quotes:

We first created Snapchat as a new way to use the camera for self-expression and communication,

From Lenses to Spectacles, there are so many ways to share your perspective. Today, we’re taking the power and magic of the Snap Camera to new heights.

The good news is not over, as users can manipulate the settings of the Pixy drone by simply accessing the Snapchat app.

Feel free to tell us if you’re excited about the new drone from Snap! Would you use it for your selfies?

Cristian Antonescu
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