Singapore Will No Longer Offer Free Covid Treatment for Those Who Refuse Vaccination

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The Covid-19 virus has spread worldwide, and for almost two years, it has been the cause of death for many people. Although several Covid-19 vaccines are available in most parts of the world, there are still people who remain skeptical and refuse vaccination.

At the same time, health systems are overwhelmed; health providers are tired and ask for more help. Although the Delta variant, which originated in India, has been responsible for the newest Covid wave and has proven more aggressive, many people want to remain unvaccinated, hoping they will experience mild cases.

Vaccination against the new coronavirus has caused much debate globally, and some countries have introduced vaccine mandates at state or federal levels. However, a country in Southeast Asia has decided to stop offering free medical treatment to those who refused to get vaccinated. The Singaporean Government explained that this measure would be applied to eligible for vaccination and decide to remain unvaccinated.

More than 85% of eligible people in Singapore are fully vaccinated

According to the most recent statistics, over 85 % of the eligible population got fully inoculated against the new coronavirus in Singapore. Moreover, 18% of them got a booster jab. However, the Singaporean Government decided the country should not cover the medical costs of those who get infected with the virus and refuse to get vaccinated. Apparently, they are the ones responsible for the surge of daily cases in the country.

This new rule will be applied to Singaporeans and residents of the city-state. The Ministry of Health published the new rule and gave all the details behind this decision. Those who are unvaccinated by choice starting from December 8 will have to cover the treatments and medical expenses from their own pockets.

More and more countries have started to issue vaccine mandates and strict rules for those who remain unvaccinated by choice.

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