Sims 5 Playtesting Will Begin This Week, As Per New Reports

Credit: Electronic Arts

Earlier this month, Electronic Arts made the announcement that they will be developing Project Rene. If recent reports are to be believed, playtesting for The Sims 5 could begin as soon as this week. The timing of the launch of the game has not been announced. The game, which is still referred to by its official name, Project Rene, will reportedly begin playtesting on October 25, 2022, as indicated by an email that was accidentally made public, as well as some promotional photos.

Sign up for the Playtest! The team at Maxis has been hard at work developing new innovations for The Sims. You’re invited to test out a pre-alpha experience for Project Rene. We’re looking to make this the best experience possible and we can’t wait to get your feedback and hear what you think.

The email goes on to discuss some of the additional additions that have been made to Project Rene. This playtest will concentrate mostly on our brand-new tool for the customization of objects, which we are currently referring to as Workshop. This tool is designed to assist players in personalizing the appearance of goods that can be used to decorate a residence.

It would appear that the intention was to keep this appeal for testers private from the general public. They welcome testers to either participate in sessions with their existing pals or sign up for the private playtest Discord in order to meet new people to play with. If you are a trusted participant in the Community Playtesting, you have the ability to add up to three of your friends to participate in this playtest.

The publication Insider Gaming was the one that found out about the news initially. It would appear that the reports have been validated by individuals who are now employed by the publisher, Electronic Arts.

Susan Kowal
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