Sea of Thieves: The Quest For Guybrush On the Monkey Island Continues

Rare/ Microsoft

At the beginning of summer, we got our first taste of Rare’s interpretation of Mêlée Island, which arose from the recollections of Guybrush Threepwood and thanks to some enchanted tricks linked to Sea of Thieves’ purgatorial Sea of the Damned. The adventure, which was exploratory first-person 3D, did an admirable job of capturing the series’ point-and-click atmosphere. But that’s not all! The thrilling Monkey Island collab with the Sea of Thieves returns in the next installment of Tall Tales.

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Sea of Thieves makes its way back to Monkey Island with the release of The Quest for Guybrush, which presents players with a fresh set of challenges. Have a look at the announcement trailer below:

Rare has already teased that the unreachable fog that had previously prevented discovery beyond Mêlée island’s port town will lift, offering players the opportunity to explore the whole island and some iconic locations from the series’ history. The first episode, which was dubbed The Journey to Mêlée Island, brought the return of a huge baddie, and while there are still plenty of unknowns surrounding episode two, Rare has offered more hints in the trailer. Quite remarkable!

What are your thoughts so far about Sea of Thieves development? What would you like to see up next?

Unfortunately, the collab between Rare and Monkey Island will come to an end in September. However, it ought to be sufficient for those fans of Sea of Thieves who are going to be incredibly thrilled until October, which is when the game’s Season 10 will finally air. The developers have not yet disclosed what the game’s most prominent feature will be in the next season. Still, they did provide some helpful information during a livestream by stating that it will be “more difficult than anticipated to put together.” Neat!

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