Scrabble GO-Classic Word Game 1.49.3 APK Brings Improvements

Source: Google Play Store

If you like the classic word game known as Scrabble, the chances are big that you’ll love Scrabble GO. You can even bring your friends or relatives along to engage in a multiplayer battle in order to find out who’s better with words.

The 1.49.3 update for Scrabble GO is already available in the form of an APK, and you are free to grab it via APKMirror! There’s a single APK file available, which means that the update doesn’t come in the form of any APK Bundles. You’ll need at least Android 5 installed on your phone, but this demand is surely just a formal one, as practically anybody should have a higher version of Google’s OS installed.

Lots of improvements!

Scrabble GO-Classic Word Game 1.49.3 APK brings some interesting new content to the game. There are new and improved Collections available. You can complete themed albums by collecting cards throughout the game. New themes can also be found.

Those looking for new challenges in Scrabble GO should also know that the developers have it covered for them in this area as well. There will be new themed events as well, such as new Puzzle Paths, Adventures, and Duels.

Apart from performance optimizations, the new update also brings a decent set of bug fixes.

Scrabble GO has been downloaded from the Play Store over 10 million times.

Do you want to get a taste of the leagues while playing Scrabble GO? Here’s what a description of the word game via the App Store has to say:

Climb your way up the League leaderboards by playing in Arena Tournaments! Leagues are updated weekly, and the higher you rank, the more XP and chests you gain, as well as an exclusive League Frame to show off your progress.

How often do you like to play Scrabble GO?

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