Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Huge Launch Event on February 1st

Source: PhoneArena

Samsung is gearing up for the biggest launch event: the release of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series!

Thanks to famous leaker @UniverseIce, Samsung will finally unveil the Galaxy S23 series on February 1st, 2023, during a grand Galaxy Unpacked event. Discover all the event insights below and learn more about the next Galaxy S23 lineup!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Big Launch Event: First Details

The most anticipated Android flagship phone of 2023, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, as well as the two more budget-friendly models, the Galaxy S23 Plus and the Galaxy S23, will all be unveiled during the Galaxy Unpacked event.

With that in mind, let’s dig into some features of the next Galaxy S23 lineup!

Probably the greatest news about the Galaxy S23 series is that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon CPUs will now power all of Samsung’s top devices, and Exynos-powered models will no longer be offered. Quite unexpected, right?!

And there’s more.

Prior to this, the tech giant utilized a Snapdragon chip for Galaxies in the US but shipped Exynos-powered phones to the rest of the globe. However, in India, where there was a backlash against that, Samsung was practically compelled to convert to a Snapdragon chip last year. Still, the UK and Europe continued to get Galaxies with Exynos processors (pretty confusing times).

Finally, based on the latest reports, that practice is coming to an end, but we will eagerly await Samsung’s official confirmation at Unpacked 2023.

What other features to expect?

As previously said, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the most intriguing handset. Why’s that? Well, while maintaining the well-known Galaxy S22 Ultra design, it has been improved with a flatter edge that makes it simpler to pick up the phone from a table.

The best part is that the smartphone is also anticipated to deliver a significant camera improvement with the release of a new 200MP primary camera, which should function significantly better and take clearer images and movies in low light. How cool, isn’t it?!

The Galaxy S23 Plus and the smaller Galaxy S23 will borrow the Ultra’s camera style, which features distinct camera rings for each lens. They will probably feature a better camera as well, but unlike the S23 Ultra model, they won’t have a periscope zoom lens.

How about the price?

The Galaxy S23 Ultra basic model will cost $1,200, the Galaxy S23 Plus model will start at $1,000, and the smaller Galaxy S23 might cost as little as $800. Samsung has yet to confirm such details, so expect some changes.

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