Samsung Allows Product Self Repair, But Only For South Korean Users


Samsung Korea has announced that customers can actually self-repair their Galaxy devices as of right now via an official press article. That’s definitely great news! In South Korea, the tech giant is launching a self-repair program that will precisely instruct people on how to fix their devices. Well, that’s something you don’t see in some countries, right?!

One thing that should be really appreciated, though, is that all the recycled parts can be returned to Samsung!

What Galaxy devices can be self-repaired?

Samsung provides self-repair options for various TV models and Galaxy smartphone variants. So, for Galaxy smartphones, the self-repair program applies to the Galaxy S20, S21, and S22 series, as well as the laptop from the Galaxy Book Pro 15.6-inch range. On the Samsung Electronics website, there are many videos and maintenance guides for each product, which is really helpful.

As for the TVs, we have the 32-inch Samsung TV with these models: UN32N4000AFXKR, UN32N4010AFXKR, and UN32N4020AFXKR.

The self-repair initiative by Samsung will genuinely allow users to fix their own devices instead of going to a Samsung service or asking for help at an unauthorized center. This cool self-repair project also features a small but considerate selection of devices and components before steadily expanding in the future. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Have you ever wondered if you could really pull it off and repair a device? What are your thoughts about Samsung’s cool initiative?

What parts can be actually fixed?

First things first, the required components and repair equipment can be purchased only from the official Samsung Korea service website. During the repair process, users will be able to fix the displays, charging ports, the touchpad, the power button with the inbuilt fingerprint sensor, and, of course, the back covers.

For laptops, users can change the touchpad, battery, fingerprint power button, display, rubber, and rear and front case.

Finally, using the Samsung Members app, customers may self-diagnose their repair when it is complete. The app also allows users to determine if it was successful or not. All the replaced components can be returned to Samsung Electronics, the parts will then be appropriately disposed of, and users will get a refund for the replaced parts.

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