Rotating Car Seats – How Essential Are They?

As a new parent, there are many decisions you need to make, including when it comes to picking the ideal car seat for your little one!

This category of car seats is relatively new on the market but it has become more and more popular in the last couple of years and it is no surprise as to why!

With that being said, you’ve probably heard about rotating car seats and want to know more about the benefits and available options.

Thankfully, this comprehensive but still straight to the point guide is here to help by answering some of the most common questions out there.

  1. What is a rotating car seat?

Rotating car seats are also known as “swivels” and, as the name clearly suggests, they are designed in such a manner that they rotate, making maneuvering the baby in and out of the car much easier.

The seat rotates on the base installed into the backseat of the car and typically, the seat is also easily removable in order to carry the infant in and out of the car without taking them out of their seat.

Before purchasing a rotating car seat, you should make sure you know all about the requirements that usually have to do with specifications such as the baby’s age, weight and height.

After all, if these requirements are not met, you risk putting your little one in danger while driving.

Before you order one, ensure that you answer “yes” to the following questions and that’s how you’ll know a rotating car seat is for you!

  • Do you constantly struggle with your toddler’s temper tantrums when they need to get into their current car seat?
  • Is putting your child in or taking them out of the car really uncomfortable and even painful for your back, neck or arms?
  • Moreover, do you already have a bad back so contorting into strange positions to take them in and out of the car is making it worse?
  • Do you want to avoid waking your baby up when moving them from their car seat into their pushchair or into the house?
  • Is removing and reinstalling your car seat into the forward facing position when the time comes, a struggle for you?
  • Would you like for your little one to remain in the rear facing position for longer since it’s generally safer?
  • Do you wish to use the time that it takes to move the infant from your arms to your car as an opportunity to bond with the little one?

All in all, it’s important to mention that many parents out there choose rotating car seats due to them being easier to transition and also thanks to the added safety that they tend to provide.

2. What are the benefits?

As just mentioned, rotating car seats tend to be safer and easier to handle in general.

The latter is because it allows the parent or caretaker to turn the seat towards the door, making it easier to take the baby out or put them in without contorting and folding your body in painful positions.

Furthermore, if the bundle of joy is taking a nap, you don’t have to worry about accidentally waking them up when moving them to a pushchair or taking them back into the home.

They are also easier to switch from rearward-facing to forward-facing.

In addition to that, they also allow the child to remain in the rear facing position up until 18 kg or the age of 4, which increases their safety while in the car!

And speaking of safety, most rotating car seats have a base installed with Isofix connectors as well, which increases protection and security even more.

There is no doubt that there are many benefits to owning a swivel car seat so it’s no surprise more and more parents and caretakers are opting for one in order to keep their precious cargo safe on the roads.

Unfortunately, shopping for one can be quite daunting since there are so many options, each with its own unique features, some better than others.

Hopefully, you feel more knowledgeable now and more prepared to pick the ideal rotating car seat for your bundle of joy.

If so, or if you want to know even more, check out here! You’ll find other pieces of information, advice and tips, as well as a list of some of the best swivel baby car seats, all one click away from becoming yours!

Ionela Ghergus
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