Replace Your Apple Batteries Now! Prices Will Go Up For Out-of-Warranty Replacements In March

Battery replacement for an aging iOS device should be done as soon as possible. Starting March 1, 2023, customers will have to spend up to $50 extra for a new battery if their device is no longer under warranty from Apple.

Effective March 1, 2023, the out-of-warranty battery service fee will be increased by US$20 for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14. from apple

This price increase was discovered by a Reddit user earlier today, despite Apple’s lack of an official statement. The present out-of-warranty battery service charge for iPhones will be in effect until the end of February 2023, as detailed in the tool’s small print accessible through the “Get an Estimate” button. Prices for out-of-warranty battery replacement for iPhones released before the iPhone 14 will go up by $20 on March 1, 2023. As a result, the cost to replace the battery in an iPhone 13 or earlier model with a full screen will rise from $69 to $89, whereas the cost of replacing the battery in an iPhone with a home button would rise from $49 to $69.

Battery replacements for  iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad mini, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 11-inch iPad Pro 10.5-inch, and iPad Air will cost an additional $20, as stated on the iPad Repair & Service website.  The battery servicing charge for all MacBook Air models is going up $30, while the fee for all MacBook and MacBook Pro models is going up $50.

Effective March 1, 2023, the United States and other territories will begin charging the new battery replacement cost, with price varying by region. On the support pages listed below, choose your nation from the drop-down menu under “Select Your Region” to see the latest local pricing. We advise you to replace the battery in your Apple device as soon as possible to prevent the additional cost, regardless of how much the price has risen in your country. Users whose devices are already covered by AppleCare or AppleCare+ will not see any change in their monthly payment due to the price increase.

Susan Kowal
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