Redfall: The Story Trailer Becomes Available

Credit: Steam

Redfall is an upcoming video game that takes place in a fictional town with the same name. The town is currently facing an intense crisis as it is being attacked by a powerful army of vampires, who have completely isolated the island from the outside world. The town is now left with only a few survivors who are desperately trying to fend off the vampire invasion.

Players of the game will have the option to go solo or form teams with other players to fight against the vampires in a thrilling open-world first-person shooter game. As the situation in the town gets worse, players must navigate through the open-world environment to gather resources and find ways to take down the vampire horde. With every decision, players will have to think strategically and adapt to the fast-paced gameplay to survive the vampire siege.

Redfall launches on May 2

For those of you who are eager to see Bethesda’s Redfall open-world and FPS game launched, there’s great news up ahead! You’ll only have to wait for that glorious moment about a month and a half more, as the game comes out on May 2!

There’s even a new story trailer available that can teach us a lot more about the upcoming game, and you are free to admire it below:

To enjoy playing Redfall on your PC, your system must meet the minimum requirements as follows. First, your operating system should be Windows 10 64-bit. Additionally, your processor should either be an Intel Core i5-8400 with a clock speed of 2.80GHz or an AMD Ryzen 5 1600.

Your PC should also have a minimum of 16GB RAM to enable seamless gameplay. In terms of graphics, your system should have either an AMD RX 580 or an NV GTX 1070 graphics card with a minimum of 6GB VRAM. This ensures that the game runs smoothly and delivers high-quality graphics.

A broadband internet connection is also necessary to play Redfall, as it requires online connectivity. Lastly, you should have at least 100 GB of available storage on your system, and an SSD is recommended to ensure faster loading times and a better gaming experience.

It’s important to note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee a flawless gameplay experience. To fully enjoy the game and achieve optimal performance, it’s recommended that your PC meets the recommended system requirements as well.

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