Top 10 TV Shows and Movies From Netflix and Prime Video Last Week

Source: Netflix

May has got us pretty hooked on movies and TV shows. Last week’s streaming charts have witnessed quite the changes while some new titles have quickly made their way to the tops, according to JustWatch.

The Top 10 TV shows has welcomed the drama and crime fiction Candy, starring Jessica Biel, in the first place.

Top 10 TV shows in the United States last week (05/09– 05/15)

Source: JustWatch

Other titles include The Staircase, a mysterious yet true story, in the third place, Bosch: Legacy in fifth, Hacks in seventh, and The Essex Serpent, in ninth. Yellowstone, one of the most popular titles out there, has reached only the sixth position on Top 10 TV shows.

As for the Top 10 movies, we’ve got some new titles reaching the first position, while some other titles tried their best to keep their position.

Top 10 Movies in the United States last week (05/09– 05/15)

Source: JustWatch

After more than a decade, the new Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly, is already stirring quite the buzz, reaching the fourth position on the top.

Other titles include The Lost City in the first place, Uncharted in third, Spider-Man: No Way Home in fifth, Friday the 13th in seventh, and Firestarter in ninth.

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