PS4 Jailbreak: What Are the Pros, Cons, and Status in 2023

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The pOOBs4 Jailbreak release for firmware 9.00 back in 2021 was the most recent and cutting-edge PS4 jailbreak available at the time. Since then, a wide variety of tools and games created by users have been made available for use on jailbroken PS4 versions 9.00 and later. Because firmware 9.00 is still relatively new, it is still not too difficult to get a vulnerable console at a price that is affordable. What does it mean to jailbreak a PS4 at this point?

There is currently no kernel vulnerability that is publicly disclosed for firmware versions 9.03 and above. If you want to jailbreak your PlayStation 4, your best bet is to get a console with a version of the operating system’s firmware that is lower than 9.00.

Let’s get more information about the most recent PS4 jailbreak, shall we?

The Mast1c0re Exploit is an exploit that runs on the PS4 and takes advantage of a defect in PS2 remakes (like Okage: Shadow King), and it is compatible with recent versions of the PS4’s firmware. This exploit is not a Kernel exploit. Therefore, it does not constitute a jailbreak. However, it does allow you to run PS2 ISOs and PS2 homebrew on your PS4 system.

Those of you who are using firmware 9.03 or higher may find the limits of Mast1c0re to be really aggravating; thus, it is a fantastic idea to anticipate a full-fledged jailbreak. Those of you who are trapped with a higher firmware and, for whatever reason, are unable to acquire a 9.00 PS4 will need to exercise patience and refrain from updating your PS4 till further notice.

What are your thoughts so far about PS4 jailbreaking?

The fact that we appear to have several user-mode vulnerabilities for higher firmware versions is some good news for consumers who are currently stuck on these versions. The Mast1c0re vulnerability has been incorporated in all firmware versions up to 10.50, and it has the potential to serve as an excellent entry point for future hacks. You need to have already purchased the Okage Shadow King PS2 game over the PlayStation Network in order to use it, which is a significant limitation.

Regarding firmware versions 9.03 and 9.04, the BD-JB exploit chain developed by TheFloW might be used as an entry point on either of these two firmware. This exploit chain takes use of flaws in the PS4’s Blu-Ray driver.

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