Pokémon Unite Performance Points Scheme Receives An Update

Credit: Polygon

There have been a lot of events, Pokémon, and holowears in Pokemon Unite’s lexicon for a long time now. They’ve now shifted their focus to the issues that players confront in Ranked Matches, which they’ve previously ignored. The issue persists in other game types as well, but Ranked Battles are where the angst is at its most. In addition to the matching restrictions in Pokémon Unite, the game’s creators are now focusing on Performance points. They’ve made the decision to pay attention to the victims this time around.

The Performance Points Scheme will be changed. In the past, only players who sat on the sidelines during a combat were penalized. Only those who sat about and did nothing during a fight, rather than the rest of their squad, would now be penalised. If one of your teammates (or more) sits out combat, they will get an extra +75 performance points, regardless of the outcome.

If a player possessed more than 100 performance points, a defeat signified both a loss and a significant performance point reduction. Now it doesn’t even matter whether the teammates purposely or unintentionally walked away from the game.

Each player may gain a specific number of Performance points, which in turn helps them rise through the ranks of Class and rank. After a defeat, players possessing a particular number of Performance Points (a per rank) are exempt from having their Diamond Points removed.

Performance points

There is no question that Ranked match competitors will benefit from this rule change. You should also keep in mind that the +75 points are given to players regardless of whether they win or lose. In the event that a player wins, they might envision how much their Performance Points bar would rise as a result of this update!

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