Pokémon GO’s Season of Light: We Finally Have A Launch Date

Credit: Niantic

The latest season of the popular smartphone game Pokémon is about to debut in a couple of hours. Niantic has stunned everyone by revealing the next Season of Light of Pokémon GO through Twitter, and it starts next Thursday, September 1st. “To learn anything new, all you have to do is look to the cosmos. Trainers, it’s nearly time to usher in the Season of Light; grab your torches! “as the game’s official tagline puts it. At minimum, the season will continue through the months of September, October, and November.

Although the following teaser trailer neither confirms nor reveals any new Pokémon, both the title and whole tone of the season clearly allude to the cosmos. There is a moon eclipse, space, and what could be a Pokémon silhouette emerging from a constellation, although it’s hard to tell. References to Pokémon Sun and Moon prompt images of a mysterious structure around the Moon’s perimeter. It won’t be long until we know for sure.

Simply put, 2022 is a landmark year for Game Freak series followers since it is the year in which the next generation of the series’ flagship entries will be released to the public. The fact that the Paldea area of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is set in Spain is one of the game’s primary selling points in our nation when it launches only for Nintendo Switch on November 18.

This latest installment of the series also has a multiplayer mode that is both more ambitious and more of a protagonist than in previous games in the series. Terastallizing is also on the horizon; it’s a new kind of transformation that lets a Pokémon take on the type of a whole other Pokémon, which will open up a plethora of strategic options for trainers in competitive Pokémon battles.

Susan Kowal
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