Pokemon Go Charge Up Limited-time Event Details: Date, Features, and More

Pokemon Go is gearing up to introduce a new limited-time event featuring brand-new electric types! 

Niantic celebrated the Kanto Tour finale by releasing the Season of Legends. The event features the series’ most popular Legendary Pokemon, more limited-time events, and other cool stuff yet to be announced.

The Charge Up is up next and is ready to bring some sleek new Electric-type Pokemon.

Here is what you need to know.

Pokemon Go Charge Up Limited-time Event: Launch Date

Pokemon Go Charge Up will air next week, on March 16, and it will be available until March 22.

The limited-time event will feature new Electric-type ‘mon to collect and other surprises yet to be discovered.

To note, the Charge Up is the only one of three celebrations expected to kick in this month. There are also other two intriguing events, including Searching for Legends and Weather Week. 

Those two limited-time events will take place before and after Charge Up. 

Pokemon Go Charge Up Limited-time Event: Expected Features

Details about the upcoming Pokemon Go Charge Up are still scarce. Niantic should release more information in the coming days.

However, as the limited-time event is focused on Electric-type Pokemon, we should expect more spawns of Electric-types in eggs and, of course, in the wild. The chances to catch a Shiny one are also higher!

These are the Pokemon we might encounter:

  • Eelektrik;
  • Rotom;
  • Helioptile;
  • Dedenne.

Remember that Niantic didn’t release any official info yet, so it’s better if we take everything with a pinch of salt!

But for now, the upcoming Pokemon Go Charge Up limited-time event seems like it could bring us a great deal of fun. The best part is that it won’t be the only thing Niantic plans to introduce.

It’s fair to say it’s a wonderful time to be a Pokemon Go Player, right?


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