Photoshop Web: Should We Expect A Free Version Of Photoshop?

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The most popular and complete photo-editing software, Adobe Photoshop, has been on the market for many years. The software may be used to edit photos and generate graphics by amateurs as well as experts throughout the globe. In spite of Photoshop’s initial drawback of being resource intensive, Adobe has lately begun developing a web-based free version of the software.

Free copy of Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe is reportedly testing a free web-based version of Photoshop in Canada, according to a story by The Verge. Users in Canada with an Adobe account may, it seems, access the service. The article claims that all of the basic Photoshop functions will be accessible on the Photoshop Web, despite the impression that Adobe would limit most functionality in the freemium version.

In October of last year, Adobe debuted a web-based version of Photoshop. Only rudimentary editing tools were available back then since the firm was promoting it as a tool for cooperation. There were many more features added to the service over time till it became popular with many people. For the time being, the web-based business offers no-cost Photoshop help.
Photoshop’s freemium version is now being tested in Canada by the firm. Adobe hopes that when the service grows in popularity, it will be able to charge customers a fee to access the full version or add premium features. Because web-based apps can be accessed from nearly any computer with an Internet connection, it will help dispel the prevalent belief that Photoshop needs a high-end computer.

In the near future, Photoshop online may be available in other parts of the globe. Canva is a web-based service that provides a comparable free picture editing tool. However, it’s worth noting that Canva charges a fee for some of its more advanced capabilities. Even while Canva does not compete with Photoshop as an image-editing application, the financial model on which it operates is worth highlighting, since Photoshop may follow the same technique in the future.

Susan Kowal
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